The two renowned Swiss fibre composite specialists Gunnar AG and Scheurer Swiss GmbH enter into a future-oriented partnership.

The two renowned Swiss fibre composite specialists Gunnar AG and Scheurer Swiss GmbH are joining forces and now offer a globally unique, joint solution portfolio.

The two specialists in the field of fibre composite technology, GUNNAR AG for complete solutions in the field of digital cutting of fibre composite materials and SCHEURER SWISS GmbH with a comprehensive service portfolio in the development and design of fibre composite components, are now offering a progressive, jointly designed and complementary solution portfolio that is unique worldwide.

Digital solutions as a service

Manufacturing companies today are faced with the challenge of making their own value chain more and more completely digital. Among other things, this also brings with it major challenges in the area of investments. In order to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing environment of fiber composite material processing to gain access to a complete, digitally oriented production process, GUNNAR and its partner company SCHEURER SWISS now offer a comprehensive service portfolio in this area. The focus is on services in the following main areas, whereby the offer can be fully individualized in parts or completely:

  • 3D component development using Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Processing of computer-aided conversion of 3D to 2D data and definition of the individual layers (shape, size) based on component structure analysis
  • Template digitization for computer-aided processing and further development of the data
  • 2D cutting data generation and cutting data optimization for use on GUNNAR cutting table
  • Cutting data optimization with focus on material resource optimization (nesting)

Outsourcing to specialists instead of buying

GUNNAR of course offers hardware and software solutions for every work area. Since extensive investments in peripheral processes do not pay off for all companies, but the digital focus in the manufacturing process of fiber composite components can hardly be avoided anymore, GUNNAR and SCHEURER SWISS see a clear market need in the offer of digital services in this area.
Both partner companies have already successfully networked their first customers. They are enthusiastic about the unique, complementary service offering of the two fiber composite specialists and were able to benefit from the new partnership: For example, previously complex and costly work steps and processes could be massively simplified and thus made more efficient by means of digitalisation, or existing CAD cutting data could be successfully adapted to new conditions in the shortest possible time.

Together on to the largest network for experts in the composite materials industry

Already at Composites Europe 2019 in Stuttgart, the two internationally renowned fiber composite specialists GUNNAR and SCHEURER SWISS had joined forces and appeared together under the label “Process Live” in the sense of future-oriented, intelligent – and thus digital – production of fiber composite components.
It is therefore not surprising that the official partnership extends the cooperation to further trade fairs. At this year’s JEC World in Paris, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for composite materials, the specialist in the field of digital cutting of fibre composite materials and the specialist in the development and design of fibre composite components will also be promoting the joint, forward-looking project of the digital solution as a service.

Your project in good hands

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the perfect partner when it comes to product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, personnel recruitment and composite training. We will be happy to advise you!

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