Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini, a luminary in the field of structural engineering, is a new team member of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini is an expert in the field of computer-aided structural engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in structural design and finite element analysis of nearly all materials: from steel, aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys to high-tech composite materials made of carbon, glass or Kevlar.

Roots in the Formula 1

As at Scheurer Swiss GmbH, the knowledge of Dr. Eng. Gianini is also based on his work in Formula 1, where cutting-edge technology is central. It was also Formula 1that first brought Dr. Gianini and today’s Scheurer Swiss GmbH into contact. At that time, Dr. Gianini and the CEO of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, Dominik Scheurer, were employed at Formula 1 Toyota – Dr. Gianini as a calculation engineer and Mr Scheurer as a design engineer – and were thus already working hand in hand successfully at that time.

Just like Dominik Scheurer, Dr. Claudio Gianini later became self-employed and founded his own company “Claudio Gianini – Computer Aided Engineering” in 2012. Since then, the two former colleagues have worked together successfully with their own companies on several occasions. Recently, Dr. Claudio Gianini has joined the core team of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

25 years of calculation expertise on board

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is very pleased to have such an experienced and competent calculation engineer on board – because Dr. Claudio Gianini’s 25 years of calculation expertise fits exactly into our concept of the complete service we offer our customers: all services from calculation, construction and design to production and the finished component.

We asked the calculation expert which advantages he sees in the computer-aided modelling and analysis of complex thermostructural behaviour of mechanical components and assemblies and why the customers of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, now that he’ll be an integral part of the core team of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, can benefit even more from his specialist knowledge than before.

When work becomes passion

The expert for computer-aided structural calculations and author of numerous technical articles and editorial contributions as well as the two textbooks “Computer-Aided Structural Design” and “Advanced Structural Design Techniques” provides insights into his immense know-how gained in over 25 years of experience in the simulation of thermostructural behaviour of individual parts and mechanical assemblies and allows us to participate in his successful professional career. Find out which expressive guiding principle accompanies him in his daily work and whether work is really just work for him – or much more than that.

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is pleased to welcome Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini as a new team member and looks forward to many more successful projects.

Your project in good hands

Benefit from the comprehensive composite know-how of Scheurer Swiss GmbH gained from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, which is unique in Switzerland.

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