Scheurer Swiss supports the focus project “Rowesys” – Robotic Weeding System – of ETH Zurich with its engineering know-how and supplies 3D-printed carbon-reinforced robot components.

The engineering company Scheurer Swiss GmbH, known for its many years of expertise with fibre composite technologies, is supporting the “Rowesys” – Robotic Weeding System – project of ETH Zurich as a gold sponsor with its engineering expertise and is printing carbon-reinforced 3D components for the agricultural robot on behalf of the team. With this concept, ten motivated ETH students are pursuing the goal of developing a sustainable alternative for the use of herbicides in agriculture. Their autonomous agricultural robot for weed removal has just gone into practical testing.

Carbon-reinforced material revolutionizes agriculture

The ETH Zurich focus project “Rowesys”, supported by Scheurer Swiss, impressively demonstrates how damage to people and the environment can be minimised with the help of digitalisation and smart technology. With this goal in mind, ten motivated ETH students, supported by eight expert coaches and sponsors, have been working on the development of the “Rowesys” agricultural robot since last September.
The underlying concept is based on mechanical weed killing. The result is a functional prototype for sugar beet fields, because these require a relatively high use of herbicides. “Rowesys” already meets the requirements of an autonomous agricultural robot in terms of efficiency, reliability, autonomy, safety and user-friendliness to a large extent. Not least thanks to the use of cost-efficient carbon-reinforced material from the 3D printer, which, in addition to the monetary benefits, also offers practically unlimited design possibilities.

For example, the agricultural robot has been equipped with wafer-thin carbon-reinforced plastic slats that are backed by LEDs to indicate the robot status at all times.

Scheurer Swiss supports the focus project "Rowesys" - Robotic Weeding System - of ETH Zurich

Wafer-thin carbon-reinforced plastic slats from the 3D printer of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

Another filigree component in turn serves as an interface between the aluminium chassis and the robot’s electronics. The unusual shape of the connector is designed in such a way that not a single gram of superfluous material is used, so as not to weigh down the robot unnecessarily. At the same time, the component must be ultra-stable to hold the connection.

Scheurer Swiss supports the focus project "Rowesys" - Robotic Weeding System - of ETH Zurich

Carbon-reinforced connecting piece between the chassis and electronics, printed in 3D by Scheurer Swiss.

“Only with the technology of carbon-reinforced 3D printing is it even possible to produce such a precisely fitting, filigree and yet stable component. We supported the Rowesys team with our know-how in the field of fibre composite technologies in an advisory capacity and operationally incorporated our many years of expertise from the development of highly efficient composite components for motor sports into the development and 3D printing of the carbon-reinforced components for the agricultural robot,” explains Dominik Scheurer, CEO of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

The agricultural robot is to replace pesticides

The agricultural robot pulls small ploughs through the soil, which destroy the weeds between the rows of plants by pulling the roots to the surface from the ground where the weeds dry up. The robot drives autonomously through the rows, detects the end of the field with the help of the built-in cameras and switches to the next untilled row. This process is repeated until the end of the field is reached. The practical test has shown that with “Rowesys” both the use of herbicides and the pollution of groundwater, air and produced goods can be massively reduced. “What motivated me about this project, apart from the relevance of what I learned and the chance to gain practical experience in teamwork, was the sustainability of herbicide-free sugar beet cultivation. Because up to now, there has been no investment in more sustainable production in this area of agriculture,” says Nico Burger, Software & Controls Team Rowesys.
“The focus project “Rowesys” is an example of how digitisation and the use of innovative materials can produce efficient and intelligent technical achievements. We congratulate the Rowesys team on their success and are pleased that we were able to support the team with our expertise in an advisory and operational capacity right up to the practical test”, Scheurer announced.

Your project in good hands

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the only provider in Switzerland that offers the complete process from consulting to engineering and production within its service portfolio in the field of lightweight composite engineering. In addition, Scheurer Swiss GmbH provides high performance composite know-how in the context of professional and licensed personnel placement as well as customer-specific composite training on a long-term basis. We will be happy to advise you!

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Scheurer Swiss presents its new logo and sets an important milestone for the future with its new brand identity.

The rebranding of the fibre composite specialist and recruiter, Scheurer Swiss GmbH, represents the continuous development of the brand, products and services – and thus the growth of the company. Following the change of name and the new website, the logo now also visibly represents to the outside world what Scheurer Swiss for many years has successfully stood for: a dynamic and innovative Swiss company with the expertise of over 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and a comprehensive, globally unique range of services from a single source that goes far beyond motor sports engineering.

New brand identity shows company orientation

More than 30 years of experience in composite engineering in Formula 1, the royal class of motor and racing sports, distinguish Scheurer Swiss GmbH. The specialist in the field of fibre composite technology has also been able to demonstrate its expertise in the development of customer-specific composite components made of carbon, glass fibre or other fibre composite materials in numerous well-known projects in other internationally important sectors such as aerospace, defence and security, nautics and industry. Since March 2019 Scheurer Swiss has also been one of the state-licensed recruitment agencies – since then it has been successfully recruiting, hiring and placing competent specialists in a wide range of fields. The new logo of the fibre composite specialist and recruiter now also represents externally what has been the programme for many years: Dynamism, innovation and competence of the Swiss company, proven in the provision of top performance, combined with a globally unique all-round service – for highly efficient individual and needs-based customer solutions with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Important milestone

“We are proud of the change that our company has successfully undergone in recent years,” says Dominik Scheurer, CEO of Scheurer Swiss GmbH. In its early days, today’s Scheurer Swiss was a design and engineering company mainly active in racing and motor sports. “With the vision in our luggage of making the high performance, precision and efficiency of fibre composite materials available to customers in other industries in an all-round service package, we have gradually advanced into other important areas in recent years. First and foremost in the aerospace industry. This is not least thanks to our maximum level of competence and experience from Formula 1,” continues Scheurer. “We had outgrown our old identity. A rebranding was the logical consequence,” announces Scheurer. In order to give the new orientation the appropriate appearance, the company brought professional marketing support into the team at the end of 2018 and has continuously adapted its brand identity ever since. The strategic principles of the new corporate design were not developed by external agencies but deliberately internally by the marketing department and implemented with the involvement of the company’s top management. The new look is completed with the redesign of the logo. “The aim was to create a logo that represents us as a Swiss company and at the same time looks modern and technical. Dynamics and competence as well as the unique all-round service were to be embodied without completely forgetting our roots in racing,” Scheurer describes the strategy.

More than just a new logo

Since the end of 2018, the brand identity of the former Scheurer & Co. Design & Engineering has been gradually adapted to the new corporate strategy. Starting with the change of name to the current Scheurer Swiss GmbH, followed by a complete relaunch of the website, the rebranding is reflected in the new, forward-looking logo, in the course of which the company’s corporate colours and fonts were also modified. The new logo is not only an unmistakable sign, it is also the epitome of the change and growth of the Swiss engineering and recruiting company in recent years and symbolizes the internationally active, successful Scheurer Swiss GmbH today. “The company and brand have undergone a transformation in recent years with the constant expansion of the target group to include various industries and the extended range of services, which we are addressing with the new brand strategy. It was time to present the new era to the outside world with a new and contemporary corporate image,” says CEO Dominik Scheurer.

The “Scheurer Swiss” brand

With the name change to “Scheurer Swiss GmbH”, the specialist for development and design of fibre composite components opened a first chapter in the new external presentation of the company. “The Swiss precision and quality as well as the certainty of having a reliable and innovative partner at their side are highly appreciated by our international customers and have been part of our success story since the beginning”, says Scheurer. For this reason, the new company name should bear Switzerland in its name and also represent the Swiss in terms of colour. The company went one step further and successfully applied for one of the rare domains awarded by the Swiss government. The coveted top-level domain unmistakably stands for the origin and anchoring of Swiss companies and profiles them both in their home market and far beyond their national borders. It lends exclusivity to the web presence and creates added value for the holder of the domain, because it underlines the identification with the Swiss brand and its values “quality, innovation and reliability”. CEO Scheurer confirms: “It is a great honour for us to have been chosen for the coveted domain. We wear it with due pride and are very grateful that we are able to present our corporate values, which we live by every day, in our external appearance.

Rewrapped into the future

In an increasingly demanding world where quality, innovation, dynamism and efficiency are paramount, more than ever before a company must distinguish itself with an individual, unique strategy – and convey this through the brand. “We are convinced of our proven, globally unique approach to offering customers in the field of fibre composite technology an advanced and highly efficient all-round service from a single source, which goes far beyond consulting, design, development, construction and production of fibre composite reinforced composite components,” confirms CEO Scheurer. The new logo visualizes this complete approach – whose components can also be used individually and outside the field of fibre-reinforced composites – through the circular, dynamic point tail, which simultaneously represents the roots and dynamics of Formula 1 and the experience and competence of Scheurer Swiss GmbH gained from it, interpreting it as a wheel in motion and the “S” from “Scheurer” as a racetrack. The brand emblem resulting from this combination is a symbol for Scheurer Swiss and will provide great scope for the new brand in the future. “The emblem is a central component of our new brand strategy and gives us a distinctive identity. It can be used everywhere,” explains Scheurer. The quality and precision befitting a Swiss company is embodied by the domain, which is deliberately obvious given the company’s international activities.

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Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the perfect partner when it comes to product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, personnel recruitment and composite training. We will be happy to advise you!

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The two renowned Swiss fibre composite specialists Gunnar AG and Scheurer Swiss GmbH enter into a future-oriented partnership.

The two renowned Swiss fibre composite specialists Gunnar AG and Scheurer Swiss GmbH are joining forces and now offer a globally unique, joint solution portfolio.

The two specialists in the field of fibre composite technology, GUNNAR AG for complete solutions in the field of digital cutting of fibre composite materials and SCHEURER SWISS GmbH with a comprehensive service portfolio in the development and design of fibre composite components, are now offering a progressive, jointly designed and complementary solution portfolio that is unique worldwide.

Digital solutions as a service

Manufacturing companies today are faced with the challenge of making their own value chain more and more completely digital. Among other things, this also brings with it major challenges in the area of investments. In order to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing environment of fiber composite material processing to gain access to a complete, digitally oriented production process, GUNNAR and its partner company SCHEURER SWISS now offer a comprehensive service portfolio in this area. The focus is on services in the following main areas, whereby the offer can be fully individualized in parts or completely:

  • 3D component development using Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Processing of computer-aided conversion of 3D to 2D data and definition of the individual layers (shape, size) based on component structure analysis
  • Template digitization for computer-aided processing and further development of the data
  • 2D cutting data generation and cutting data optimization for use on GUNNAR cutting table
  • Cutting data optimization with focus on material resource optimization (nesting)

Outsourcing to specialists instead of buying

GUNNAR of course offers hardware and software solutions for every work area. Since extensive investments in peripheral processes do not pay off for all companies, but the digital focus in the manufacturing process of fiber composite components can hardly be avoided anymore, GUNNAR and SCHEURER SWISS see a clear market need in the offer of digital services in this area.
Both partner companies have already successfully networked their first customers. They are enthusiastic about the unique, complementary service offering of the two fiber composite specialists and were able to benefit from the new partnership: For example, previously complex and costly work steps and processes could be massively simplified and thus made more efficient by means of digitalisation, or existing CAD cutting data could be successfully adapted to new conditions in the shortest possible time.

Together on to the largest network for experts in the composite materials industry

Already at Composites Europe 2019 in Stuttgart, the two internationally renowned fiber composite specialists GUNNAR and SCHEURER SWISS had joined forces and appeared together under the label “Process Live” in the sense of future-oriented, intelligent – and thus digital – production of fiber composite components.
It is therefore not surprising that the official partnership extends the cooperation to further trade fairs. At this year’s JEC World in Paris, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for composite materials, the specialist in the field of digital cutting of fibre composite materials and the specialist in the development and design of fibre composite components will also be promoting the joint, forward-looking project of the digital solution as a service.

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Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the perfect partner when it comes to product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, personnel recruitment and composite training. We will be happy to advise you!

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Scheurer Swiss GmbH is commissioned to manufacture carbon-reinforced 3D printing components for the latest generation of the racing series “Castrol Toyota Racing Series“.

The well-known racing series “Castrol Toyota Racing Series” (TRS) based on a Formula 3 chassis is entering the next round: “Toyota GAZOO Racing New Zealand” has presented a brand new, more powerful racing car for the TRS 2020, the “Toyota FT-60”.
Scheurer Swiss GmbH supplied Toyota Gazoo Racing New Zealand with high-quality carbon-reinforced 3D printing components for the latest generation of the Toyota FT engine on behalf of the two renowned New Zealand-based companies “David Gouk Race Engines” and “Häberlin Composites”.
The third generation race car of the Castrol Toyota Racing Series is based on a regional Formula 3-specific Tatuus chassis, powered by a two-litre Turbo 8AR FTS engine – a racing version of the 8AR FTS engine used in both Toyota and Lexus road vehicles. The engine is capable of producing 285 hp, a sharp increase over the 215 hp produced by the previous 1.8-liter unit.

Successful test run for 3D printing engine parts from Scheurer Swiss

The new racing car first hit the track in Italy in July, even before its race debut in 2020. Formula 2 and European Le Mans Series driver, Arjun Maini, completed 900 kilometres in the Toyota FT-60, spread over three different tracks – Vairano, Cremona and Franciacorta.

“It was a very positive first test,” said Maini, who finished fourth in the 2015 TRS season with the previous FT-50 race car. “The new engine ran very smoothly, it is powerful and the handling very good. Gear changes and downshifts also feel very good in combination with the new engine”.

“Scheurer Swiss GmbH has optimised the design of the carbon-reinforced engine components for the test series of the Toyota FT-60 on our behalf and produced them in the shortest possible time,” says Gregor Häberlin, owner of Häberlin Composites, with satisfaction. Häberlin Composites itself also supplies carbon parts for the Toyota FT-60, manufactured using the lamination process.

“It was possible only thanks to 3D printing to deliver the tailor-made Toyota FT-60 components of the test series in such a short time,” says Dominik Scheurer, CEO of Scheurer Swiss.
He confirms that the carbon-reinforced 3D printing process can also be used for industrial applications in the automotive sector, especially after the successful race track test run.

Planned series production of Scheurer Swiss engine parts

According to David Gouk of David Gouk Race Engines, the texture and material in the tests were not only visually convincing, but also withstood the enormous speed and heat as well as the compressive forces on the race track. “We are planning to go into series production soon with the 3D-printed carbon-reinforced engine components from Scheurer Swiss,” says the owner, who is considered a luminary in the field of engine development and has been successfully developing the engines of the Castrol Toyota Racing Series for years. “We are very satisfied with the advice and service provided by Scheurer Swiss, in particular the flawless and fast delivery of the urgently needed carbon-reinforced components for the Toyota FT-60 test series”, Gouk continues.

Toyota Racing Series Manager, Nicolas Caillol, says: “The FT-60 is a modern car that offers more power and more drive than anything we have had in production before. We are very pleased with the quality of the 3D-printed engine parts that Scheurer Swiss supplied to us”.

Toyota Racing Series as a springboard for Formula 1 careers

The 2020 season of the Castrol Toyota Racing Series starts at the Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand in January 2020 and ends, after five consecutive weekends, with the New Zealand Grand Prix at the Manfeild Circuit “Chris Amon” in mid-February – one of the only two events outside Formula 1 that is officially allowed to use the term “Grand Prix”. Like this year, the series winner will receive up to seven super license points for possible Formula 1 careers.

“It’s a globally relevant car and a globally relevant championship for any serious young racer, and we hope to attract even more aspiring stars who want to take a step up in their careers. They can come from Formula 4, Formula 3, the women’s W Series or other Tier 3 categories of FIA leaders. It’s even relevant for those who have been successful in the Tier 2 categories, who want to consolidate and improve their skills or earn more super license points as they take their final step towards F1,” affirms Toyota Racing Series Manager Nicolas Caillol.

The winner of the W Series, Marta Garcia, is also considering the possibility of driving in early 2020 in New Zealand’s Castrol Toyota Racing Series.
The 19-year-old Spaniard dominated the Norisring race of the first season of the all-female Open Wheeler Series and finally finished fourth in the overall standings, with prize money of $100,000 and an automatic invitation to the 2020 W Series competition.

Scheurer Swiss develops and produces composites at the highest level

The owners of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, Dominik Scheurer (CEO) and Robert Tween (CTO), have both been involved in racing and motor sports in composite engineering for many years, including Jordan F1, Sauber F1 and Toyota Motorsport, and with the right design and the right composite materials they provided the necessary properties for the highly efficient mechanical performance of a Formula 1 racing car.

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is known for the development of highly efficient ultra-light and extremely stable composite components made of carbon, glass fibre or other fibre composites. It develops and produces customer-specific composite components that are used in racing and motor sports, aerospace, nautics, defence and security as well as industry. The highly efficient product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, including 3D printing, is rounded off with professional, state-licensed personnel recruitment and practice-oriented composite training courses – directly at the customer’s site. With over 30 years of experience in Formula 1 engineering, the fibre composite and lightweight construction specialist offers a unique complete service from a single source.

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Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the perfect partner when it comes to product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, personnel recruitment and composite training. We will be happy to advise you!

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Scheurer Swiss is represented at this year’s Composites Europe fair in Stuttgart and invites you! Experience with us “live” the future of smart composites manufacturing.

The composites industry provides important impetus for lightweight construction and material innovations in automotive engineering, aviation, mechanical engineering, construction, wind power and the sports and leisure sector. In international competition, solutions with a high degree of automation are in demand. Composites Europe will present trends and progress in the production and processing of fibre-reinforced plastics from 10 to 12 September in Stuttgart, Germany. The fair will be flanked by the International Composites Conference and the Lightweight Technologies Forum. Foam Expo Europe will also take place at the same time at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre.

Focus on innovative process technologies

Visitors to the fair will meet over 300 exhibitors from 30 nations who will be presenting materials, technical solutions and innovative application examples in Stuttgart. In addition to new products, the trade fair will focus in particular on innovative process technologies:
The “Process live” format will focus on processing and manufacturing processes that are perfectly matched to one another. In joint exhibition areas, machine and plant manufacturers will present their technologies in interaction with service providers from the engineering and design sector – and in operation, in order to be able to show the individual sub-processes in context.

“Process Live” special area with Scheurer Swiss

The “Process live” special area of the cutting specialist Gunnar from Switzerland is aimed specifically at the DACH market region with its small and medium-sized companies. Together with the laser projection expert LAP, the two proud members of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster, Gunnar and Scheurer Swiss – specialists for engineering and design – will present a linked overall process that combines modern machines, software and specialized manual work. Experience live a fully automatic process consisting of state-of-the-art lightweight construction technology, digital cutting and laser-guided layer build-up as part of a joint production process for composite components.

Free admission to Composites Europe 2019

Scheurer Swiss GmbH invites you!
Experience with us, Gunnar and LAP the future of intelligent manufacturing of composite components: See a completely digitally controlled intelligent manufacturing process from 3D CAD data through cutting to layer construction and discuss your engineering project with us – we offer you an expertise from over 30 years of Formula 1 engineering.
Benefit from our comprehensive composite know-how and experience live what happens when members of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster work together as partners to shape the future of lightweight construction. We look forward to your visit!

Composites Europe 2019, Stuttgart, Germany
10-12 September, hall 9, booth B06.

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Voucher code: zjwt-92ga-kxwv-d9gf

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Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the perfect partner when it comes to product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies, personnel recruitment and composite training. We will be happy to advise you!

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Carbon Engineering & Entwicklung für die Luftfahrt - Scheurer Swiss GmbH

Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini, a luminary in the field of structural engineering, is a new team member of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini is an expert in the field of computer-aided structural engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in structural design and finite element analysis of nearly all materials: from steel, aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys to high-tech composite materials made of carbon, glass or Kevlar.

Roots in the Formula 1

As at Scheurer Swiss GmbH, the knowledge of Dr. Eng. Gianini is also based on his work in Formula One, where cutting-edge technology is central. It was also Formula One that first brought Dr. Gianini and today’s Scheurer Swiss GmbH into contact. At that time, Dr. Gianini and the CEO of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, Dominik Scheurer, were employed at Formula One Toyota – Dr. Gianini as a calculation engineer and Mr Scheurer as a design engineer – and were thus already working hand in hand successfully at that time.

Just like Dominik Scheurer, Dr. Claudio Gianini later became self-employed and founded his own company “Claudio Gianini – Computer Aided Engineering” in 2012. Since then, the two former colleagues have worked together successfully with their own companies on several occasions. Recently, Dr. Claudio Gianini has joined the core team of Scheurer Swiss GmbH.

25 years of calculation expertise on board

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is very pleased to have such an experienced and competent calculation engineer on board – because Dr. Claudio Gianini’s 25 years of calculation expertise fits exactly into our concept of the complete service we offer our customers: all services from calculation, construction and design to production and the finished component.

We asked the calculation expert which advantages he sees in the computer-aided modelling and analysis of complex thermostructural behaviour of mechanical components and assemblies and why the customers of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, now that he’ll be an integral part of the core team of Scheurer Swiss GmbH, can benefit even more from his specialist knowledge than before.

When work becomes passion

The expert for computer-aided structural calculations and author of numerous technical articles and editorial contributions as well as the two textbooks “Computer-Aided Structural Design” and “Advanced Structural Design Techniques” provides insights into his immense know-how gained in over 25 years of experience in the simulation of thermostructural behaviour of individual parts and mechanical assemblies and allows us to participate in his successful professional career. Find out which expressive guiding principle accompanies him in his daily work and whether work is really just work for him – or much more than that.

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is pleased to welcome Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini as a new team member and looks forward to many more successful projects.

Your project in good hands

Benefit from the comprehensive composite know-how of Scheurer Swiss GmbH gained from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, which is unique in Switzerland >>

The complete video interview with Dr. Eng. Claudio Gianini:

ExoMars-Rover, Mars mission 2020

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is commissioned by RUAG Space with the development and construction of the ExoMars-Rover.

RUAG Space has engaged the Swiss engineering company “Scheurer Swiss GmbH”, renowned for its many years of expertise in fibre composite technologies, as engineering and production partner for the construction of the ExoMars-Rover. “Scheurer Swiss GmbH has actively supported RUAG Space in an advisory and operational capacity,” announces CEO Dominik Scheurer. “In particular in the engineering for the development of the carbon fibre chassis of the rover and in advance as consultant in the course of the acquisition of a suitable laser system for the purpose of the lamination process of the aforementioned carbon fibre chassis. Scheurer Swiss GmbH also provided extensive production support by successfully placing its specialised and competent specialists to RUAG Space, deploying them directly on site under the leadership of our experienced Chief Technology Officer, Robert Tween.”, explains Scheurer.

Homage to famous biochemist

In addition to Switzerland, other nations such as England are also part of the European space project and are developing, on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) under the direction of RUAG Space and Airbus Defence and Space, the suspension and carbon fibre chassis of the Mars rover named after the famous British biochemist Rosalind Franklin, which will begin its journey to the red planet in 2020. The finished suspension of the prospective Martian is currently in the RUAG Space test centre in Zurich and will be put through its paces using suitable substrates and scenarios.

Brand new control center as operational hub

At the same time, the brand new control centre for the ExoMars-Rover – the Rover Operations Control Centre (ROCC) – was inaugurated in Turin, Italy, by Thales Italia Space, the ExoMars-Rover Prime. It is one of the largest European Martian shipyards and will be the operational hub which will coordinate the activities and drilling of the European-built laboratory on wheels upon arrival on the surface of Mars and will test them in advance on Earth in a controlled manner after the individual rover components will have been extensively tested in the respective countries and then assembled to form the complete ExoMars rover.
“This is the crucial place on Earth from where we will listen to the rover’s instruments, see what she sees and send commands to direct the search for evidence of life on and under the surface,” said Jan Wörner, ESA’s Director General. The ExoMars rover will be the first of its kind to both move across the Mars surface and to study it at depth with a drill able to collect samples from down to two metres into the surface.
“Thanks to ROCC, Europe will have the great opportunity to manage the activities of the rover on Mars and to plan and test its movements,” said Giorgio Saccoccia, president of the Italian space Agency ASI during the opening ceremony. “This will be the first step towards new robotic missions for the study of Mars and other celestial bodies.”

Launch in July 2020

The facilities will be buzzing with activity from July 2020, when a Proton rocket will insert the ExoMars spacecraft in an eight-month long interplanetary cruise, marking the beginning of an ambitious, scientific and robotic exploration mission.
And with RUAG Space and Scheurer Swiss GmbH, Switzerland is not only close at hand but right in the middle of it all!

Your project in good hands

You too can benefit from the comprehensive carbon know-how gained from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, which is unique in Switzerland >>

Impressions from the RUAG Space Test Centre:

Video provided by ESA

Thanks to clever engineering, Scheurer Swiss GmbH develops unique composite carbon 3D print components for a high-tech sailing catamaran.

Exploring turquoise waters in style and peace on board a luxurious high-tech sailing catamaran or crossing oceans on a fast pace – this is what Moonwave Gunboat 60/03 with its hybrid system offers its owner and his guests. The carbon fibre catamaran is taken care off by two competent and friendly crew members who keep it up to date and also at the edge of technology.

The Moonwave crew recently ordered highly modern and extremely efficient carbon-reinforced 3D-printed composite components from Scheurer Swiss GmbH. It was only thanks to sophisticated engineering and a unique bonding mechanism that it became possible to develop composite carbon 3D print components of the required dimensions. The parts will be fitted in a state-of-the-art titanium rudder bearing system – for this application precision, weight and strength are key factors. With diameters of up to 630 mm, an impressive size for two 3D-printed components, the bearing cages will be an essential feature of making the steering of the luxury catamaran even easier.

With the right engineering, the innovative technology of composite carbon 3D print finds the most incredible areas of application – we will be happy to advise you on your journey to an ultra-light, extremely stable future!

You too can benefit from the comprehensive lightweight construction know-how gained from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service in the field of fibre-reinforced composites, which is unique in Switzerland >>

More about the high-tech luxury catamaran Moonwave Gunboat 60/03 >>

Lightweight Composite Engineering für die Luft- und Raumfahrt - Scheurer Swiss GmbH
How Scheurer Swiss GmbH successfully made its way into the aerospace industry

The yearbook «Schweizer Luft- und Raumfahrt», which is unique in Switzerland, was published for the third time this year. In three languages it is dedicated to the fascination of flying in all its spheres – and Scheurer Swiss GmbH is part of it!

In this exclusive yearbook, experts from all areas of the aerospace industry report on national and international challenges and developments. Filled with technical articles, picture series, interviews and reports, «Schweizer Luft- und Raumfahrt» will continue to be an extremely fascinating source of information in 2019.

Read from the exciting perspective of a journalist what challenges Scheurer Swiss GmbH was confronted with on its way to the aerospace industry, how it successfully advanced in the highly competitive niche market of fibre composite materials and how it grew as a competent and reliable partner in the field of composites due to its unique complete range of services from consulting, design and engineering to production, personnel recruitment and training.

>> Report «Schweizer Luft- und Raumfahrt 2019»

You too can benefit from the comprehensive lightweight composite know-how gained from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service, which is unique in Switzerland.
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Black Star Sailingteam_GC32 Racing Tour
“Black Star” sailing team on the road to success with Scheurer Swiss GmbH

A flying sailboat, a team of seven professional sailors, perfect wind and water conditions – and Scheurer Swiss GmbH right in the middle!

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the only service provider in Switzerland to offer a complete service which, in addition to design and engineering, also includes the production of high performance and ultra-light fibre composite components as well as the procurement of specialist expertise. Scheurer Swiss GmbH supports the first professional german speaking Swiss GC32 sailing team “Black Star”, which is taking part this year for the first time in the internationally known and renowned GC32 Racing Tour. The support is offered both from a technical point of view by offering extensive composite support on land and in the water and also by actively supporting the sailing team equipped with international professional sailors, competing for Switzerland, in marketing.

At every training session and at each of the five racing events in 2019, Scheurer Swiss GmbH will be sailing alongside in an escort boat, will be up close and personal with the team and, equipped with all the necessary composite emergency materials such as carbon, resin and other adhesives as well as the appropriate tools providing optimum support, either directly on site or back on land. This includes maintenance and servicing work as well as the design, engineering and production of spare parts or accessories, quickly and efficiently using our modern 3D printing technology. At the same time, valuable image and video material is created that the team can use to analyze and improve their training and racing performance, as well as for their website and social media channels – making the “Black Star” sailing team even more attractive to sponsors.
Once again, Scheurer Swiss GmbH is following its corporate philosophy, which is unique in Switzerland: competent 360° complete service from a single source.

We keep our fingers crossed for the new Swiss sailing team – do you?
Fly, Black Star, fly!

Would you also like to benefit from our comprehensive lightweight composite know-how from over 30 years of Formula 1 engineering and our complete service, which is unique in Switzerland? We will be happy to advise you >>