Lightweight Composite Engineering für die Luft- und Raumfahrt - Scheurer Swiss GmbH
How Scheurer Swiss GmbH successfully made its way into the aerospace industry

The yearbook «Schweizer Luft- und Raumfahrt», which is unique in Switzerland, was published for the third time this year. In three languages it is dedicated to the fascination of flying in all its spheres – and Scheurer Swiss GmbH is part of it!

In this exclusive yearbook, experts from all areas of the aerospace industry report on national and international challenges and developments. Filled with technical articles, picture series, interviews and reports, «Schweizer Luft- und Raumfahrt» will continue to be an extremely fascinating source of information in 2019.

Read from the exciting perspective of a journalist what challenges Scheurer Swiss GmbH was confronted with on its way to the aerospace industry, how it successfully advanced in the highly competitive niche market of fibre composite materials and how it grew as a competent and reliable partner in the field of composites due to its unique complete range of services from consulting, design and engineering to production, personnel recruitment and training.

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Black Star Sailingteam_GC32 Racing Tour
“Black Star” sailing team on the road to success with Scheurer Swiss GmbH

A flying sailboat, a team of seven professional sailors, perfect wind and water conditions – and Scheurer Swiss GmbH right in the middle!

Scheurer Swiss GmbH is the only service provider in Switzerland to offer a complete service which, in addition to design and engineering, also includes the production of high performance and ultra-light fibre composite components as well as the procurement of specialist expertise. Scheurer Swiss GmbH supports the first professional german speaking Swiss GC32 sailing team “Black Star”, which is taking part this year for the first time in the internationally known and renowned GC32 Racing Tour. The support is offered both from a technical point of view by offering extensive composite support on land and in the water and also by actively supporting the sailing team equipped with international professional sailors, competing for Switzerland, in marketing.

At every training session and at each of the five racing events in 2019, Scheurer Swiss GmbH will be sailing alongside in an escort boat, will be up close and personal with the team and, equipped with all the necessary composite emergency materials such as carbon, resin and other adhesives as well as the appropriate tools providing optimum support, either directly on site or back on land. This includes maintenance and servicing work as well as the design, engineering and production of spare parts or accessories, quickly and efficiently using our modern 3D printing technology. At the same time, valuable image and video material is created that the team can use to analyze and improve their training and racing performance, as well as for their website and social media channels – making the “Black Star” sailing team even more attractive to sponsors.
Once again, Scheurer Swiss GmbH is following its corporate philosophy, which is unique in Switzerland: competent 360° complete service from a single source.

We keep our fingers crossed for the new Swiss sailing team – do you?
Fly, Black Star, fly!

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